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Fetch redirect URI?

Fetch redirect URI?

So, in the OAuth2 thing, the user gets a URL to the OAuth2 Confirmation page. They click accept/decline, and they get redirected to the Redirect URI. How do I fetch that URI?

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What platform are you developing your application on? A website? An iOS app? A windows Desktop Application?

Apologies for not adding tags (I didn't know I had to add so many). Here are the information:

- I am developing a Python program to fetch user information on Spotify.

- I am developing a discord bot.

Does developing a discord bot require setting up your own server?

  • Why does setting up my own server matter? I just need to fetch the URI that the user was redirected to.

You choose the URI that the user gets redirected to. If you have a server, set the URI to an endpoint on your server. The redirect URI is a just a URL.  Do you have a server?

Oh interesting! I do have my Discord server, but everyone has different servers so I have to fetch the server link.

I have one more question - if I have to fetch the URL link, what do I put in the app settings?

Also, is there a way for it to redirect to the app if available instead of the website?

It is a webserver you need to use OAuth, not a discord server. You can try setting one up with Flask on python. The redirect URI would be an endpoint on your webserver that the user gets redirected to after granting your app access to their account with the scopes provided.

I recommend searching tutorials on youtube, this one is quite good.

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