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GET /v1/me/player/queue returns only 2 songs, sometimes

GET /v1/me/player/queue returns only 2 songs, sometimes

When using the GET /v1/me/player/queue endpoint, inexplicably it sometimes only returns 2 items. After developing for a while eventually it starts to return the entire queue. Sometimes, it starts returning the entire queue from the start. There's no options for this endpoint.







Pixel 5a

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Android 11


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Can reach the endpoint via the Spotify Dev website ( but unable to reach it with my own Http Request. Getting:

Something went wrong - The remote end-point couldn't be contacted -
Error: 42 - Callback aborted


I'm having issues with this endpoint as well. For me, it only returns the first 20 songs in the queue despite the fact that there are more than 20 songs queued. It would be great if there were a limit or offset option to access the whole queue.

To add to this, if there are fewer than 20 items in the queue, like 2 for instance, the API sometimes returns the same 2 items repeated to pad the response up to 18 or 20 items.


And it seems like the response is different based on the Shuffle/Loop state.

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