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Get other users tracks

Get other users tracks

I am trying to build a web app that takes the current users tracks and compares them against one of their followers/another user's tracks to make a shared playlist. My problem is that only the current logged in user's tracks seem to be available to retrieve. Which is a little bizarre to me because endpoints like this one exist:




where the queryParams take a list of other Spotify user ids but as of now there does not seem to be a way to search for other users at all to retrieve these ids. But the problem is that even if I know another user's id and try to use that while not signed in as them there is no way for me to retrieve all of their tracks!


I think user's should be allowed to make some more of their information public so that a new api could be created to retrieve a users info (like tracks) if they have selected to make that information public.


Let me know if this makes sense!

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I don't know what "other users tracks" means. Are you referring to another user's playlists? There's an endpoint for retrieving the playlists of another user. Users can make their information public by making public playlists.

by other users tracks i meant their Liked Songs, which I dont see an endpoint for. 


And as of now is there an endpoint that takes a string or any criteria and returns a list of users (with their ids) that meet that requirement?

No. The list of endpoints are clearly documented here.

Then it is really unfortunate that there isnt a way to do this from this API (even though there is from Spotify itself).


Also I see you all just released the Blend feature. You're welcome for the idea I guess. Seems like its essentially what I'm trying to do here. 

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