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Get track using genre

Get track using genre






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I am used  genre in this api

    "tracks": {
        "items": [],
Some genre getting empty result.
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The genre seeds, like summer, you can get through the Get Available Genre Seeds endpoint, you can use with the Get Recommendations endpoint.

A full list of genres you can use with the Search for Items endpoint, you can find here.

i will find track and artist using genre. but some genre do not get tracks and artist list.
holiday, summer, rainy day road trip, bossanova, philippines - opm this genere getting empty track and artist. cam you please suggest me proper link. 

Okay, I think I misunderstood your question then.

Where did you get those genres from?

(I if a genre isn't on one of the two lists I've linked earlier, I don't think you can search with it.)

I have get this genres from this link ""
but some genre to searching tracks and artist getting empty. 

As I said earlier, you need to use those with .

Here is its documentation, and here is a console you can try it out with.

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