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Playlist followers count in search API

Playlist followers count in search API


I have integrated spotify API in a sample python application. I just use the search API to search for playlists. I'm getting most of the data from the search API. However to get followers of a playlist I have to call separate API to get playlist details. Is it possible to get followers details (just count is enough like tracks) in search API?


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You have to use the Get Playlist endpoint to get information about the followers of a playlist. (You can try it out in the console.)

This is because the mobile, desktop and mobile apps don't provide the functionality (any more) to see the follower count of a playlist in the search results. 


That's what I'm doing currently, but the issue is that if I'm calling 1 API of search giving 20 results of playlist then I have to call 20 APIs to get followers data for each playlist. Or is it possible to call a single API by providing all playlists ID and get their info?

No, I don't know and haven't found a way to get the follower count from multiple playlists at once.

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