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Homescreen thumbnails better than new active tiles.

Homescreen thumbnails better than new active tiles.

I find the home screen is not intuitive and makes it harder to find music I actually want to listen to. 


The thumbails were great because they were grouped by theme or genre. I could easily scroll through to find what I wanted. Even though it was semi-poorly tailored to my taste, I could actually scroll past more than 1 tile at a time to get what I wanted from it.


Now, not only are the tiles still poorly tailered to my taste, they ALSO automatically play things that I never would want to play regularly. And on top of that I cant freely scroll past them. I'm forced to go through them ONE by ONE. 


And instead of ever utilizing the home screen, now I am forced to search for Every. Single. Thing. that I want to listen to. There isn't even an accurate "recently played" section on the home screen.


Want to voice my opinion to see if others feel the same and maybe change can be made. If not then I guess I'll have to admit defeat.

Imo this change is counterintuitive and inefficient for the user. 

3 Replies

I agree, this new interface feels like the devs did not think this through.

Also all the video content is burning through my mobile data without the option to turn it off.

The old interface is much more intuitive and gives more overview of my playlists, suggestions etc.


To add to my previous post, the new home screen makes me mute my device until I've found the music I want to play. The exact opposite of what you would want to do inva music streaming app

Honestly, the worst update an app has received, ever. I hate this interface! And there is no way to revert it either!!

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