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How can I get access to Made for You playlist by Web-API?

How can I get access to Made for You playlist by Web-API?

How can I get access to Made for You playlist by Web-API?

I can’t find any APIs that could access to my Discovery Weekly, Daily Mix, Daily Wellness or Release Radar.


Thanks for reply.

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Hey there, help's here!

Hmm, I've taken a look and it seems that you can only get access to these playlists if the user follows them. You can then use the 'Get a List of Current User's Playlists'-endpoint and search for Discover Weekly, Daily Mixes, Daily Wellness or Release Radar. If the user follows them, you should be able to use the ID to access them.

If this is something you'd like to see in the API, could you share a bit more details around how you'd use this in your app? The Developer team are keeping an eye out on posts here and are always working on bringing new improvements to the API.

Keep me posted!

Have a great day,
HuboSpotify Star
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Thanks, Hubo.

I am trying to make a remote control by myself. It would be great that I can skip to Daily Mix playlist without opening Spotify.

It could be done with my Fitbit Sense Watch. So I thought it would be some APIs available. Maybe they make it any other ways.


Hi Hubo,

Today when a Spotify member searches for Daily Mix using the API, she doesn't get any results (again, unless she bothered to follow a daily mix)

By contrast, a text search for 'discover weekly' brings up the curated playlist Spotify created, but 'daily mix' does not. It seems arbitrary which created-for-you playlists Spotify chooses to support in the API (and which it doesn't).  Daily Mix is not an uncommon way to want to listen to music. Just as "discover weekly" brings back a member's discover weekly playlist, typing in daily mix to get all five of the daily mixes seems super normal to do. 

Basically we want to make it so that when folks search for everyday content they can find in the spotify app, that same content is available in the API. Not having it makes our Spotify experience seem broken.

I would love for this to change so we can not have to worry about people abandoning using our app because we're missing key playlists.

Hi, I see this is from last year, and as of yet I've seen this hasn't been added since then.

This feature would be dramatically helpful to communicate with smart home devices. As of right now, I am not able to directly call my saved episodes ("My Episodes") as one of my saved routines. Instead, it finds the first playlist titled My Episodes and plays that instead. I'd love to be able to do something like this whether it be through a smart home or a custom built similacrim using similar technology. 

Hey @theaterjordan! Welcome to the community. Check out this API for access to your saved episodes:

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