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How does an app like MixOnSet still have access to stream Spotify music library?

How does an app like MixOnSet still have access to stream Spotify music library?

It doesn't play music via the installed Spotify app.

It doesn't appear as a Web Connect player.

However it is connected to my Spotify Library and is able to download Spotify music and mix it.


Do they have a special partnership with Spotify?

5 Replies

Even I want to know. It looks like they license content from Spotify or Spotify licenses their catalog to apps like these. Note that the entire catalog is not available in mixonset app but they say they are adding more catalogs. So it looks like they have a special agreement with Spotify for integrating with them. They do the same with Apple Music as well.


Anybody else has any other thoughts?


I think only the data for calculating the queue points comes from Spotify. And maybe is the music stored on their own server.

But, because MixOnSet is integrated with streams or content from another service, it's actually a prohibited application.

It’s surprising that nobody has commented on this

It’s surprising that nobody has commented on this for so long. Couple months back the streaming sdk support was removed and all apps using that sdk stopped working. The only way to get Spotify playback support was to use their new app based sdk which requires Spotify app and all playback happens in their main app. But it’s surprising how these other apps works. I am not sure if they store the music on their servers though since huge costs are involved in doing this.

there’s another app called Pacemaker which also does something similar to Mixonset.

would be really helpful if somebody can explain how this is done.

One developer of MixOnSet is on Reddit called eatification. Also, at the bottom of their website, there is Contact information.
If you have any questions about the app, you can maybe ask them trough there.

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