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How to get albums' URIs in an automatic way.

How to get albums' URIs in an automatic way.

Good morning. I created this morning a program in python which, giving in input the URI of an album, gives me back the list of the tracks present in that album (using the Spotify API).

Following I continued the program in order to download the features of the songs in that list.


Since I need to perform this operation for several albums, I then created a json file with all the URIs of all the albums I need and with a FOR cycle I extracted all the tracks for each album (and then I extracted the songs features).


The problem is: if I have to download the track list of for example 500 albums, how can I get the URIs of each album in an automatic way? It seems impossible to get each URI by hand.

Maybe there is a way to give in input the list of track names and, exploiting the API, receive as output directly the features of those songs? Or maybe there is a way of giving in input the list of the albums' names and receive as output the URIs? Thank you.

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Can you please provide the code you mentioned?

I've posted an answer on Stack Overflow.

(I used JSON Formatter & Validator to analyse the data output I got from every endpoint.)


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