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How to tell if a release is an EP?

How to tell if a release is an EP?

The Spotify API groups both Singles and EPs in the same category (singles):




However, it clearly has an internal flag to mark a single as an EP, as made apparent by the metatags:




Both of these releases are classified as "single" by the API endpoint. Unless I'm blind, I wasn't able to find an elegant way to differentiate between the two types.


I did try to mess around with some hard numbers, such as saying "if a Single has a total duration of over 20 minutes, consider it an EP". However, then you have nonsense like this:


Yes, that is a 51 minute SINGLE! Spawned from the stupid trend to release singles in a stacking fashion rather than having a single be a single.


I'm lost what else I could do now. The info for what is classified as an EP is clearly there, but Spotify won't provide an endpoint for it.


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