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Hi,  We have integrate spotify remote sdk with my app. Follow the playlist and get tracks and play audio/songs in my app with remote player. It will work every thing run from my system and get signed apk and installed in device. But uploaded spotify remote sdk integrated version apk to play store. Now download from play store and open the app, access the songs/album, we couldn't get authentication from the spotify app. In Log we can see "INVALID APP_ID", foll log message for "E/Spotify: [OkHttp] AccountsPrefligtRequest failed with status code: 400
05-14 15:09:42.553 18391-18391/? E/Spotify: [main] INVALID_APP_ID".  Problem only for download apk from play store. We are struggle for last few weeks to find the solution. Please guide to me ASAP.

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Hey @BiTest, help's here!


That doesn't sound right! Could you double-check your authentication request? You can check this by checking the client ID from your request URL with the one you got from your Developer Dashboard. Let me know how you get on!


Happy coding,


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Hi Huo,

Thanks for your reply. 


I find the solution for this issues. In Android player store having two signing certificate(SHA1) keys 1. App Upload Certificate(AUC) and 2. App Signing Certificate(ASC) Key. We use in spotify console for only AUC. After that added for ASC key in spotify developer console. Working fine now.

Hi, Im getting the same issue INVALIDA_APP_ID


I get the sha1 fingerprint with this command:

     keytool -exportcert -alias <alias> -keystore <KeyStorePath>.jks

Where <KeyStorePath>.jks and <alias> is the same data, that i used with android studio to generate signed bundle (.aab) to upload to Google Play Console


I´m concern about the seccion of Redirect URIs, i dont have server side so i put this:

 - musix-login://callback

In my code I only use CLIENT_ID  and the REDIRECT_URI  that doesnt exist (no the cSecret any where). Could this be a problem? Can i use the sdk without a server layer??


That's all the configuration I have related to that, I'm missing configurations? Please help me spen a lot of time in this proyect and i would like people can use it from teh google play store.

I think I made it!

The thing was that the SHA1 to load in the spotify dashboard is NOT that i get by runing the command that is in the 'quick start' section (keytool -exportcert -alias alias -keystore KeyStorePath.jks).


Instead is some SHA1 that is in some place in google play console in :

   [GooglePlayConsole] Setup > App Integrity > Play app signing

There are two sha1 ('App signing key certificate' and 'Upload key certificate') I use the first and it work (i dont had the need to upload a new realese on de google play console, just adding the pair new app_id, sha1). 

Hope to be helpfull

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