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INVALID_CLIENT: Invalid redirect URI


INVALID_CLIENT: Invalid redirect URI

I am following the Quick Start tutorial, which instructs:


To try the app, replace these credentials with the values that you received when you registered your app. In this demonstration app we use http://localhost:8888/callback as the redirect URI.


I put in my Client ID and Client Secret, and tried using the above URI. Index.html loads, but when I click the button, I get the following error:


INVALID_CLIENT: Invalid redirect URI


I've tried what solutions I could find on the web, but nothing has worked for me. How do I resolve this? What am I supposed to put as the redirect URI in order to get the login prompt to load? Thank you!

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Like some others in the thread I'm getting this and I'm 100% sure the callback url in my application matches the one in my developer dashboard. When I log in via the browser I get INVALID_CLIENT: Invalid Redirect URI. When I use the Spotify app to login it just exits out and prints AUTHENTICATION_SERVICE_UNKNOWN_ERROR to the logs. 

I am using an ESP32 to access Spotify via the Spotify Arduino library. It used to work just fine for three years with no edits, but this week my Spotify ESP32 failed getting a connection. 


I created a new app to make sure all settings are correct. I am getting this error message even if I have all the settings correct: clientID, clientSecret, and callback URL in the ESP32 program, and the exact same values in Spotify dashboard.


This used to work just fine, but now my ESP reports this error. What could be the solution?

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