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Invite Collaborator generate share link using API

Invite Collaborator generate share link using API



I'm trying to find a way to generate or create a share link to invite a collaborator to a private playlist but can't find anything in the docs.


In the mobile app when clicking on the 3 dots on a playlist there is an option to "Invite Collaborator" which then gives you a 24 hour link to share before it expires.


Is this possible via API?


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+1 on this feature request. The removal of the collaborative playlist has created issues and I'm looking for a way to have an automatically updating QR code

+1 as well. Trying to automatically update collaborative link on website for a team.

+1 for this!

+1 For this feature!!


+1 It would be even better if we could add collaborators programmatically to a playlist. I am using Spotify for social features in my app and I would like to have users create collaborative/blend playlists and automatically add users to the playlist during the creation process instead of breaking the flow by sending them to Spotify app afterwards and hoping they find the right buttons on their own. All users in my app have authorized Spotify so i have usernames and access tokens for all parties involved.

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