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NULL release_date with GET v1/playlists/{ID}/tracks

NULL release_date with GET v1/playlists/{ID}/tracks

Plan: Premium

Country: USA

Device: coding APIs in .NET on PC

Operating System: Win 10


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First time poster here... I have a playlist for my podcasts. I like to keep them sorted by when they came out (release date). This is not fully possible anymore as recently they decided to remove the day and leave just Month (although as I write this I see a mix of day/month and month/year).


So I am trying to sort my playlist by track release date however after I do a GET on /tracks, the release_date in the response is null!


Is there a reason why this is so? Or is this a bug?

Is there a diff way to get same info?


Any help is appreciated,



Example of inconsistent release date values:



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Very disappointed that nobody is looking at this...

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