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New Bug: Top Artists follower count is broken

New Bug: Top Artists follower count is broken

Hello everyone,


I have just noticed a bug with the /v1/me/top/artists endpoint. As of yesterday (March 1, 2023), the endpoint no longer returns the correct follower count for each artist in the response. Instead, the follower object inside each artist is always { href: null, followers: 0 }.


I'm currently working on an app that includes displaying the following count of each artist in a user's top artists, so I know for sure that this issue did not exist until yesterday. I have tested this issue on multiple different accounts with no luck, additionally the /v1/artists/{id} endpoint and the /v1/artists endpoint for multiple artists do actually return the correct follower count, so I can fall back on those endpoints as a possible solution. However, it's not an ideal solution, as it requires additional API calls. Just wanted to see if anyone else had encountered this issue, or if there may be a time line for getting it fixed.



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Thanks for the detailed bug report, @Murk404! We're looking into this one further.

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