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Only 30s preview on Android WebView embeds

Only 30s preview on Android WebView embeds


- all plans tried Free/Premium and with/without account


- Germany



- Android with a "normal" WebView element and a "normal" WebViewClient 

Operating System
- no relevance recognized


We are already using Spotify web embeds on our iOS and Android apps. On iOS everything works as expected:
The player is displayed with a podcast episode and the full play length eg. 07:43. When you press the play button, the episode gets played in full length.

On Android we are just getting a 30 second preview of the podcast. 

I already checked this forum for any related topics, but none of them has figured out which requirements have to be fulfilled to be able to play the whole episode. 


We tried different combinations of free/premium plans with or without an account. We also tried playing the embed on Android while we have the Spotify app installed or uninstalled. And at least we tried to play the Android embed when we are logged in on our Chrome browser.


Can anybody help me identifying what we are doing wrong here? My guess is the underlying web client which seems to be trusted on iOS (Safari) and on Android not (Chrome). 


I would really appreciate your help. 

2 Replies

Hi, I am having the same issue but it is with my iOS App. You have said you can listen to full length music on your iOS app, can you please share me the key property name through which you are getting the music url? I am now playing a music through track's "preview_url" calling web api which is giving me a 30seconds of playback, but I want to listen to full music.

Spotify community,


I am facing the same issue. Its not working in android web view, Can you please help here?


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