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Only showing preview

Only showing preview

I'm messing with the embed feature and putting it in a basic HTML file, and it's only playing the preview with the option to play it on Spotify. I haven't modified the code at all. Is there a way to play the full song or is embedded restricted to the preview? Thank you!


Not connected to my Spotify account. 



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Windows 11


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Yes, embedded tracks are restricted to the preview.

edit: I didn't have Premium at this time.


What is the correct way to display a playlist/track/etc. on a website then? Surely there must be a way for premium users to seamlessly begin playing on their active speaker. While I could probably develop something from scratch with the API, this seems like something that should be an ootb solution.
Is it a permissions issue in Edge and Firefox?

Any update on this issue? I'm hoping to add embeds to my website and would like Spotify premium users to be able to play from the website without having to open Spotify. Is this possible? If not w/ the embed how would one build a custom solution?

it seems if your logged into the spotify web player that you can listen to the full song

What gives here?? There has to be a way to access full songs while embedded. This is **bleep**

Has anyone found a way to play an embedded song without preview showing? Surely this is possible. 

It only works on desktop when a user that has a Spotify Premium subscription is logged into the browser.

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