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Overwriting playlists

Overwriting playlists

I have a playlist and I would like to put some songs (more than 100) in the playlist and overwrite the songs that were there previously. From the docs, it seems like I should be able to do that with PUT to /v1/playlists/playlist_id/tracks, right? But when I do that with no range_start/range_length, etc. it appends my tracks to the end of the list without replacing anything. Also, given that my list of tracks is over 100 and there's no way to specify a position on the playlist, I would just overwrite the first 100 tracks over and over again with my list of tracks. 

I think I'm probably missing something. Does anyone know a way to do this that's easier than getting all the tracks from the playlist, deleting them, and inserting my list?

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