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Please continue supporting iOS/Android streaming SDKs

Please continue supporting iOS/Android streaming SDKs

We have been using those SDKs since they became available.


Our particular app (Amazing Slow Downer) lets the user play music more slowly, since a couple of years ago also songs from Spotify. The "ios-streaming-sdk" is a beautifully designed framework that lets an audio developer do practically everything needed.
In our case it makes it possible to access the raw audio samples and this way process the sound and then playback the processed audio using our regular audio playback engine. With your new SDK this is not possible. It might be that the "ios-streaming-sdk" is more difficult to use for an average developer but that also makes it more powerful.


We have many users that uses Spotify. Many users switch from other streaming services such as "Apple Music", Tidal, Amazon Music etc to Spotify just to be able to slow down streaming music in real time.

We believe our app gives Spotify many many new subscribers, so many that it would actually pay off for Spotify to maintain the "ios-streaming-sdk".

We only use "playlist" functions and after fixing a couple of bugs in the "metadata framework" available on github, everything works 100%. Although there are certainly some bugs in the “ios-streaming-sdk”, they are very few and don’t affect our app.


We also have an Android version of our app that uses your Android streaming SDK and it also works very good.


We believe Spotify will loose thousands of users, so many that the minimal cost Spotify need to spend on maintenance will pay off manifold.

Since our app also supports playback and slowing down of streaming Apple Music, many of our users will probably switch from subscribing to Spotify to subscribing to Apple Music.

You write:

"After September 1st, important functionality in the streaming SDKs will stop working."
Exactly what does that mean? What part of the SDK will continue to work?

Please continue supporting iOS/Android streaming SDKs!

Rolf Nilsson
Roni Music

940 Replies

I'm a user of this app and it's very helpful to learn an instrument (in my case the bass) and play along songs from my Spotify playlist and change the pitch and the speed.


Please, reconsider keeping this SDK and keep ASD working!

I too am a user of this app, which I use to learn guitar. In fact, this is the main reason why I subscribe to Spotify.

Like others in this forum, I use Spotify music through the Amazing Slow Downer App to help me learn songs on guitar.  This is the only reason I continue to use Spotify.  


Please consider retaining the functionality that allows ASD to work so well with Spotify music.


Don Dietrich

I am a musician by trade and The Amazing Slow Downer is an invaluable tool that I use very often. I would be willing to bet that Amazing Slow Downer is used primarily by musicians and budding musicians alike. It would seem that Spotify would support the very community that feeds them all too well. 


I will definitely switch to a streaming service the supports ASD. It's getting easy to be a Spotify hater.

I also am a user of the ASD app on Android so I can slow down many of my favorite songs on Spotify to a speed that I can dance to as I am a professional ballroom dancer. I have also used it for teaching as well. In fact, like what others have mentioned, it was the main reason for me to subscribe to Spotify Premium. I don't have any other good service or app to use that slows down songs from Spotify or any other streaming service so I would greatly appreciate if Spotify decides to either roll over this feature into the modern SDK or keep supporting this part of the old SDK. 

Hi Spotify! Can you please reconsider your decision on dropping 3rd party support for amazing slow downer- app? It has helped thousands of pupils in learning music due its ability of slowing down and transposing music.

Yes, it's really disappointing. The Spotify/Amazing Slowdowner-compatibility has been the main reason for me to choose Spotify for my music provider. 

Hi! I have used Amazing slow downer for many years now and together with Spotify it is a remarkable good tool for us musicians. Listen to music in slower tempo, change keys and so on. It would be a catastrophe if this not will work in the future. I know many people who use this as a tool in schools and education as well. 

Yes the same  goes for me for choosing which streaming service to use.

Please keep this SDK working. I have been a subscriber for over a decade but will change over to Apple Music if I can no longer use amazing slow downer with Spotify. It is the reason I subscribe to your service. 

Exactly same here. As a professional musician and educator Spotify/Amazing Slow Downer-relationship has been the main reason to choose Spotify. 


I’m a musician and teacher  in Colorado and as of now I require all of my students to get a Spotify account. If you don’t keep the SDK feature working I will immediately switch all 35 of them over to Apple Music.   I also have my entire extended family on Spotify but we will all change as well.   As of now I’m an avid supporter of Spotify because of this feature, without it I will be an enemy for life.  I know many many educators that use Spotify for this reason.  I’m guessing you will lose thousands of subscribers over this.   Please please please do not discontinue!   

I’m a musician and teacher with over 30 students.  As of now I require all of my students to purchase a Spotify subscription because of the slow downer partnership.  We will all be switching to Apple Music if you no longer allow access.   This would be a huge marketing mistake.   I’ve been a string supporter (despite most of my musician friends despising Spotify, but if you no longer allow access I will join the ranks of the haters and I will do what I can on social media to hurt Spotify.     Please make the right decision. 

Also; given the inconsistencies of pitch from old recordings it is crucial for musicians to be able to adjust pitch so we’re not constantly tuning and so students can actually play along with recordings.   This is just terrible terrible news and a poorly thought out decision.   You’d be hurting so many kids and musicians.   Nail in the coffin for Spotify in the musician community.   Don’t do it!   

I have been a Spotify Premium subscriber since 2017 and I am also a musician. I use the ASD app every day to slow down songs from Spotify to learn them on guitar. This functionality is critical and I will not be able to maintain my subscription to Spotify without it. Please reconsider this decision.


Un gusto saludarlos, de manera respetuosa expreso mi inconformidad con esta nueva disposición por parte de Spotify. La herramienta amazing slow downer, es una app que nos ayuda a seguir con nuestra pasión en el maravilloso mundo de las artes (música). El cual nos brinda una manera de expresar sentimientos, ideas y emociones a nuestro prójimo. Como usuario de ambas app me parece contradictorio la disposición tomado por parte de ustedes ya que ambos tienen similitudes… Música, la cuál no hace distinción de ninguna clase social. En Amazing no se beneficia de Spotify, para utilizar amazing es necesario una suscripción premium. Para mi, spotify es una app que piensa en el usuario y rogamos para que estos mensajes no queden en el olvido y podamos ser escuchados. 

I have been a Spotify Premium subscriber since 2017 and I am also a musician. I use the ASD app every day to slow down songs from Spotify to learn them on guitar. This functionality is critical and I will not be able to maintain my subscription to Spotify without it. Please reconsider this decision.

I am a music instructor that uses Spotify and Amazing Slow Downer as key components to my teaching. I can’t begin to express how much the change to Spotify will affect my world. Please reconsider the change. I sincerely hope someone is listening. 

I love Spotify. I am a musician and it it CRITICAL to my livelihood for me to keep using the Amazing Slow Downer app. I know of 100's of Spotify users that are in the same situation. PLEASE keep supporting the SDK for us all. I will be forced to switch services.... and I don't want to. Thank you for your consideration.

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