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Possible scope of API use in free plan/developer account

Possible scope of API use in free plan/developer account





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Hello, I am developing audio player component for clients website. Main goal is to provide possibility to listen a podcast provided by client via Spotify by web users. Main client requirement is to create this feature without user having to log in to Spotify account to listen podcast or a background music while he is reading a website.  Designed audio player includes buttons on the website with information about track (image, title of podcast and creator) after clicking on it we will show player itself. 
To achieve  this we need to use Spotify API with Client Credentials Flow to avoid scenario that each website user have to log in into Spotify account. But I still have some questions from legal perspective.
Is it possible to :
- add embedded Spotify iframe with song or playlist and play a full content to users which are not loged in (owner of the website is owner/creator of the podcas on Spotify) ?
- to fetch data in free plan from Spotify API  with information about specific track by many not logged in users ?

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