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Question about developer policy

Question about developer policy

Question about the recently updated developer policy.


Are there any examples of the below, or more specifically what this means?

III. Some prohibited applications


  • Do not create any product or service which is integrated with streams or content from another service.

Thanks, let me know.


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This section of the policy is in place to make sure Spotify content isn't being mixed in with content from other services.

To give you a concrete example, let's say you want to display lyrics in your app. Sourcing the lyrics from a separate service and mixing in on the same view where you display Spotify's content like album art and music analytics would be a no-go according to the policy. However, if you were to have a button that opens a new view with the lyrics that does not show any Spotify sourced content this would be OK.

Another example: Creating an app that allows the user to login to both Spotify and another music streaming service is OK as long as the two are clearly separated and don't mix content. Creating a view that mixes content from Spotify and another music service would be a no-go, but having them clearly separated would be OK.

I'm hoping this makes it a bit more clear, otherwise feel free to post your concrete question/use case and I'll try my best to answer.

Hi, thank you for the quick response. Here's my specific use case I'm unsure about.

1. Having Spotify content (like artwork etc) on a page with links to other music services.

Here's an example of what I mean:


2. Using spotify meta data to generate these pages.


Thanks, let me know.

Let's go with the example of an app that displays the lyrics of the currently playing track (sourced from a 3rd party service).


In this scenario, what would be considered "Spotify content"?

If I were to use the name of the currently playing track to obtain the album art from a 3rd party service, and display said album art alongside the aforementioned lyrics --- is that still a violation of the policy?

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