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Request for functionality

Request for functionality

I've been using Spotify for as long as I can remember and I wouldn't ever change it for another streaming service.


However, for me personally, what would be a functionality that would add a lot of value is the ability, when you are listening to a track, to see in which playlists you already have the track listed.


It happens to me quite often that I recognize songs, am a total fan, and already see a download check mark, but have no idea in which list it is. Or for example when i'm listening to my Discover Weekly, the same thing happens quite often. I then want it added to one of my lists but I don't want it to be in multiple lists.


This functionality would totally solve this problem and I think many users would benefit.


2 Replies

That sounds like a good idea!

Please add your idea to our Idea Exchange, so people may vote on it, and it could be implemented!

A similar idea is already suggested, so give it a vote here.


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