Request to integrate Spotify into all DJ softwares

Request to integrate Spotify into all DJ softwares

Hi There,

Hope you are doing well.

This is an email to the decision-makers who have decided to discontinue Spotify integration with DJ softwares (Djay, Rekordbox, VirtualDJ, etc)

I am using Spotify since the last 10 years. All of a sudden from mid of 2020 Spotify just decided not to integrate anymore with DJ softwares. Why did this even happen? Don’t you think there are plenty of customers out there really needs this service? It makes me upset to leave Spotify and join Tidal because Spotify failed to offer DJ integration which other online music streaming companies are offering. I have been a loyal customer to Spotify, I do care about the brand because I spent a decade with it. taking away just made the music experience more complicated for the artists who took Spotify as their leading choice.  Don’t you think the company should reconsider DJ integration service?

Why don’t your experts raise a poll on Facebook, twitter, snapchat and instagram on reintegrating Spotify with DJ softwares?

I think there are thousands of customers who are frustrated like me because of such annoying decision. May be your business has lost them due to unheard demand from those chunks of customers.

I request Spotify to look into the matter and make the decision on what customers are likely to enjoy. Generally, all the songs on Spotify are locked and there is no chance to copy those. People chose to streamline service to avoid the hassle of downloading. I think reintroducing the service won’t collapse the company at all. People don’t live for business, business always lives for people. We all do have high expectations from Spotify, please put back Spotify into all DJ softwares.

Looking forward to your action.

Kind Regards,


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