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Retrieving more than 100 items from New Releases API endpoint

Retrieving more than 100 items from New Releases API endpoint



I'm working on a React project in which I intended to display a full list of new releases from the current week (similar to what Every Noise At Once has set up, though I'm not sure how they're accomplishing it). I'm using the New Releases endpoint within the Browse API and an infinite-scroll implementation to load releases, twenty at a time. That works as expected until I reach 100 items. At that point, the API response no longer gives a URL value for next (it's null instead), so I can't continue to load any more releases.


The API documentation doesn't indicate that there's such a limit, but can I only get 100 new releases? Is there an alternate method I should consider that would let me return a more complete set of results?


I did think about the Search endpoint with tag:new as the query, but that also appears to limit the results to 1000, and includes new releases from the past two weeks, whereas I'd prefer to only retrieve the current week's releases.



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I've been using this endpoint for a while (paginated rather than infinite scroll) and it's never returned anything beyond 100 results.

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