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Returned Language Codes are Not ISO 639


Returned Language Codes are Not ISO 639


According to Spotify Object Model, Episode objects contain a languages property that is a list of ISO 639 language codes. This is a lie. In reality they can contain country codes too, such as en-US or en-GB. However, there is no documentation or explanation of this anywhere in the Spotify Web API website.


On a similar but unrelated note, Spotify endpoints can return the country code XK in the available_markets parameter, which is not part of the ISO 3166 standard - it would be helpful to indicate that Spotify is using an extended version of the standard in the documentation.

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Re: Returned Language Codes are Not ISO 639


Thank you for flagging this, @Koxiaet! I've made a note of the feedback and we will look at clarifying both docs in our next round of updates.