Search via UPC not working

Search via UPC not working

My Question or Issue:

I am doing some discovery on your '' endpoint and am having issues when searching via 'upc'.


I've tried several variations of the following with no luck

Does search not support just 'upc' like below?


Thank you

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Hey WerHaus,


Web API search allows you to use the upc filter while searching for albums. There are several reasons why your filter by upc might be unsuccessful:

  1. the album you are searching for is only available in specific markets and unavailable in the rest of the world. In that case, changing the markets specified in your search might help. For example, will yield no results for
    , but gives you data for
  2. (relevant for your question) Albums have different UPC codes for physical records and digital records. In the example you gave, I believe the UPC code 607396522910 is specific for Caroline Rose's Loner Vinyl (LP) album, and that's why it yields no results. 

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