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Song Previews

This is for the developers out there.  Not all songs on Spotify have a preview available.  Which is a bit annoying.  Why can't we have the ability to pass the song_id, start_time, end_time and have it return a preview of the song?  Limit it to 30 seconds max.  


Anybody else agree with me?

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Yeah I've noticed some big bands like the beatles, creedence etc are missing preview urls.


I've read it has something to do with the country you are in, but even if I change that to different zones the preview_url's still don't come up for me.  I'm working on a jukebox site and it is a bit annoying some bands only show 1-2 songs out of 100 in my database because they lack a preview_url.






Why I want to get the web player working with an auth code after logging into spotify premium account so i can enjoy all the tracks with no previews!  Getting strange scope issues


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