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Songs Play count

Songs Play count

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Is there's a way we can get the information from developers API regarding how many times a particular track has been played. Basically play count information of a track. 


Kindly reply if anyone has any idea on this. 



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This was a highly upvoted feature in the now-archived Spotify web-api repository with hundreds of votes!


It's a bummer that the suggestion's been archived. I did some digging within the Web API and turns out *somewhere* there IS a counter for a track's total plays, but I don't know how to access it because I think it's a lower-level variable within an algorithm that returns the 'popularity' float. Here's the specific page for reference. I also attached the entry as an annotated screenshot below. It's pretty far down there, as 'popularity' is mentioned like 44 times, or something like that.


I speculate it's not accessible yet because it has something to do with the multiple instances of an individual release due to the multiple regions that a song is released in. I don't know a lot about this, but part of me wonders "Why not give us a function that simply returns the sum of playback count in all regions according to a song's ID/spotifyUri?" I hear they're powered by the Google Cloud Platform, so why not lean into their tools for help with this? Idk. I don't know the nuances of their database schema or the extent to which they use GCP. Nevertheless, I might try to play around with this. I was hoping to create a live update counter as a flex for my own artist website. We'll see how that goes. I'll continue to dig!

Screen Shot 2021-05-28 at 5.37.42 PM.png



I've finally found THIS article! Turns out there's a new professional SaaS that consolidates all this information for you. They've got a custom subscription plan specifically for API access! I have yet to learn more, I've just emailed about it and will get back to this thread when I do!


Here's their API documentation.

Hey Spotify Team! This feature is really needed. What prevents you from implement this?

If they give users this kinda data, it keeps them from having any kinda exclusivity around their "this year wrapped" feature. They are financially motivated to not give us what we want in this case, which is unfortunate. I'd recommend using something like to keep up with your metrics.



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