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Spotify Connect Devices WEB API

Spotify Connect Devices WEB API

Hi there


I recently started using the spotify Web API. I would like to play music on my sonos. 

But it seems like spotify connect devices are not listed under /me/player/devices

This endpoint does not show my sonos as a device


I found this issue on the old issue board:


Is this something you are aware of? 



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Welcome to the forum, @PascalSenn. Yes, that's right - not all devices are supported by the /player endpoints at this time. You can find out more about the player API limitations in our documentation.

This issue seems to be going on for a few years now. is there any hope for it to be fixed any time?

The same problem here Spotify. This has been going on for years now. It's 2020 and virtually everyone is using third party software to control their smarthome. Is something coming? hundreds of thousands of people are waiting for this functionality!

This seems like a major problem!

Why is that the case? Can't be a real technical limitation - more like a marketing / politics related decision - Any official statement? Any planned changes?

I have same issue, and an house full of Sonos speakers, but from 6 months I can select them only in my IOS Spotify app, not from web API command anymore, my device list is empty!! I hope that Sonos will solve theis "political" problem with Sonos!

I have the same problem 😕 

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