Spotify Developer, Speaker, Device, Open source, Executable

Spotify Developer, Speaker, Device, Open source, Executable



Before my two questions, thank you Spotify Team for the great job that you are doing until now.


For context: I'm a user of Spotify Premium (Family) and i have a [1] micro-controller (aarch64, arm64v8, specifically Raspberry PI 3 Model B with OS Debian running in server mode, black screen, terminal).


[What i need/want?]

I want/need to  run some background client in Debian server (no graphical) into this micro-controller [1], in architecture arm64v8/aarch64, to play my tracks/songs in this device, acting like a simple speaker, appearing for example on my devices in Spotify graphical official client of android, like showing in attached image.


[Question 01]

Is there any open source official client or acceptable by Spotify for use by community? (even if it is for others architectures)


[Question 02]

May i get account blocked or banned for use of an unofficial client?


That's it. Thank you, anyway.
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