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Spotify Track Embed not signing in (Firefox)

Spotify Track Embed not signing in (Firefox)

The Spotify track embed iframe appears to have auth issues on Firefox. Having the track embedded into any webpage keeps the track to the preview version instead of the full song. This happens regardless whether the user is signed into Spotify in that browser or not.


However, accessing the embed URL directly respects the authentication, and the full song is played if the user is signed in in the browser. The preview song just sticks around for signed in users on Firefox and if embedded into another site.


Tested on Windows 10, 11 and macOS Ventura, Firefox v108.x, in the UK and Germany.
Confirmed working on Chrome, Safari and Opera.

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Im having this problem now on my pet project website and its incredibly annoying. The iFrame displays a preview after signing in to spotify and having a web api access token.

Could I also suggest that the iFrame can additionally have an "access_token" parameter under the options when loading the iframe, to 'force' the authentication so that we would not end up with Preview mode after logging in. 




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