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Spotify api error 403

Spotify api error 403






Acer Chromebook R13

Operating System

Linux crostini for ChromeOS, based off of debian 10


My Question or Issue

Ok, so i installed a program called spotify TUI, which puts spotify in your terminal, you just have to add the app in dev settings. I installed spotify TUI under the linux compatibility layer. And it connected to the web app, but if i tried to play a song off of the terminal, it gives me a 403 error. Please help me, because i wanna show this to my freinds and show them how to do it.

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Hi @ChromebookDev, are you using a Spotify Premium account? The documentation for the v1/me/player/play endpoint can be found here — you'll receive a 403 error response from that endpoint if you call it using a free account.

I have premium account , still having error 403.


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