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401 Unauthorized Error after Quota Extension

401 Unauthorized Error after Quota Extension

We were recently approved for a quota extension on the Spotify Developer Platform and all Spotify APIs stopped working for our app after approval. The app worked perfectly fine in developer mode and works if we switch the client ID to another account.
Error: 401 Unauthorized - /api/v1/service-token/spotify/
Has any other developer faced this issue after the Quota Extension approval and how can we go about resolving this issue? 
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Hi there and welcome to the forum!


This endpoint is not part of our public API so I'm wondering how you even discovered it, and how you're using it? What is your use case for this endpoint?

Hi ohej,
Thanks for your response! The error that I posted is just what we got on the app when trying to use one of the Spotify APIs such as the (play/pause) API. We are working on a social music app that lets users share music recommendations with their friends cross-platform and queue those songs on their respective platforms.

We have been using the Spotify APIs since before the Quota Extension rule was implemented back in May. However, we were using our previous developer's account and no longer have communications with them. So to get a Quota Extension we changed our client ID to an account that we have access to. The app is perfectly fine on developer mode for added users but when got the Quota Extension was approved the Spotify APIs stopped working for all users even the ones who were added to the developer mode.

We went through the API authorization guide and everything checks out on our end. We think it may be an issue with our account on Spotify's end. Let me know if you need any information that might help solve this issue and I can PM you. Again thanks for your help ohej!

Hi ohej

I wanted to reach out to see if you had the chance to see my reply on your response to my forum post. 


After our account was approved for the Quota Extension our app is no longer able to access any of the Spotify APIs and we get the 401 unauthorized error. 


Can you please help us solve this issue? 

Hi again


Could you send a private message with your client id and a link where I might test out the app? It looks like we need to do some digging on where this might go wrong.


Could you share some more information about how you're dealing with authorization? Which OAuth flow are you using?

I have tried to reply back via PM but it says that you do not have PM enabled. Is there another way I can reach out to you with the client ID.


And we are using Authorization Code Flow. Which we have been using since 2020. Did you guys happen to change any of the code flow for the Quota Extension rule implementation this year? 

Ah, my PMs are up and running again now, there was a consent form I needed to agree to. 


Moving from development tier to extended quota doesn't impact anything other than the need for 25 named users and rate limits, so I'm quite keen to figure out what's going on here. Please PM me the details and we'll pick it up from there.

Hi ohej, 

Hope you had a great weekend! I wanted to follow up with you to see if had the chance to see my PM from last week to check on our account.


Also, I did some research this weekend and thought of 2 issues our account could be having.


1.) When we were approved for Quota Extenstion were never assigned a quota for the number of users the account could have.


2.) Since we initially developed our app using another Spotify Developer account and now currently using a different account all of the OAuth tokens might have stopped working and we might have to update them.


Could you please let us know what you find on your end? Thank you!

I think the core issue you're experiencing is that you moved from one client id to another one. If you have hardcoded tokens they will need to be recreated using the new client id (which has to be the one that was approved for extended quota mode).

As for your question around number of approved users - as soon as your app/client id is approved for extended quota mode there is no limit on the amount of users that can use your app.

I would suggest you take a good look at how you're using the tokens and make sure you're using the correct client id. If it continues to give trouble please PM me a token, then I can help troubleshoot from our end.

Just sent tokens through PM 

Hi ohej,

Just following up to see if you guys at Spotify had the chance to look into our issue with the token I sent via PM. 


Please let me know if you have any questions that might help you guys figure this issue out. 

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