User not registered in the Developer Dashboard on get profile API

User not registered in the Developer Dashboard on get profile API







MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)

Operating System

Mac OS Big Sur


My Issue:


We are implementing "Authorization Code Flow" and receiving the access token successfully on redirect url however when we call the api we are getting below error


User not registered in the Developer Dashboard


We have double check the email address is added in the Users and Access section.


Client Id: 677fd637ae224df9ab51f0c652b887bd

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Hi there

One of the emails you added to the app does not match a valid Spotify user, so maybe this could be the issue? If the issue persists please PM me the email of the user you're seeing issues with and we can check in the backend.

Thank you for replying, please check PM.

I have the same problem with me.
Client ID: dc9c8360c5da489c8bba1df71ea4637a

Hi Team,


I'm wondering how this works after opening up the limitation. Do we still have to add each user manually in the Users and Access section or is there a way to automate this process when the user authorizes the app? 


Many thanks for your reply

Hello, I have the same problem with my application even though I've added two test users to my developer dashboard.

I'm able to login with my user that created my webapp, but for some reason the others don't work. I can PM you the emails.

Client ID: 67181296444c42fdb1573123e11b29fc
Thank you in advance for any help.

I have just started working with Spotify api's and came across an error. I have two chrome profiles with the same email id. I use only one of them (developer profile) for testing my app on the browser and my email is registered in the dashboard. The user logs in once I am using my developer profile but when I switch to the other chrome profile I came across the error that the user is not registered in the dashboard although both of my profiles got the same email, do let me know what's the solution for this,


I think that a cause of this problem is in App Status on our Spotify API Dashboard. Newly-created apps begin in development mode, so as default, your application can authorize you and users who are added by you from Dashboard to access.

Therefore I think that you need to apply REQUEST EXTENTION for publishing to external users if your application's status is that.


[More information](



I am having the same problem with the synchronization and homeassistant my client id: 5f74891c4a5c454590b5de6dbd2e46ab


I'm having a similar problem.
In my home assistant configuration I get the error that the user is not registered in the developer dashboard my
client_id: 350851eb333c4e44847ad007e894ece3

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