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Users and Access greyed out in Spotify Developer Dashboard App

Users and Access greyed out in Spotify Developer Dashboard App




United States


Samsung Galaxy S20, Windows 10 PC

Operating System

Android, Windows 10 PC

My Question or Issue

I created an app in Spotify Developer for Home Assistant use. Everything works fine but I would like to add other spotify accounts through Users and Access. The problem is that it is greyed out. Home Assistant blogs tell me I need to add users in this manner to include their spotify accounts.


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Hey there Martin,


In May 2021, we announced two new modes for development apps -

  • Developer Mode which allows you to onboard unto 25 users, and requires you to add them manually via the Users and Access button,  and
  • Extended Quota Mode which allows you to onboard an unlimited number of accounts.

Your app is currently under the Extended Quota Mode - you can tell from the App Status indicator which shows you have been granted quota extension. You therefore don't need to add accounts manually, and this is why the Users and Access option is greyed out for you.

Thanks. How can other users access my account then? I need to add them into
the app per the instructions i was given.

Is there a way to revert back?

That's a good question.


Any user can install your app via the authorization URI. As an example, your app's URI should be akin to this one from the Artist Explorer app


You can also find more information about the authorization URI in the Spotify Authorization Guide .

Thanks! Can you tell me how to find my app URI?

Once you log into the Spotify Developer Console, click on the Edit Settings option on the top right of the page, and you will find your app's URI under the Redirect URIs section (or create and whitelist a URI for your app if y....

Thanks! Can you help me a bit more? I don't know how to create a whitelist

Can I use the example you sent me and just change the client ID to mine?

Hey Martin,


The client_id, redirect_URI, scope and token in the URI will be unique to your app and what it does. I recommend using these details (specific to your app) to help construct your URI. As you say, it might be helpful to draw from the example I shared above, and this section of the app settings documentation to help you determine what your URI is so you can whitelist it before sharing with your app's users.


Please let me know how this goes. 

Thank you for helping me out. Unfortunately, i couldn't figure it out and
decided to just create a new app and add the user. I then had to modify my
other home assistant configuration to make this new app work. I followed
the spotcast instructions in the HA website and solved the issue. Thanks
again for your help.

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