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Using Spotify API in a GPT

Using Spotify API in a GPT

Hi. I don't know much about coding (and pretty much nothing about APIs), but I want to create a GPT with access to Spotify - but I'm stuck.


I've found the OpenAPI at and imported it into my GPT.

I got lots of errors and don`t know what to do, see picture:



I hoped this might be because I hadn't yet filled in the authentication details, but that didn't help. Well, I'm not sure I put the authentication in right - see picture:


I managed to get a Client ID and Secret. But then I didn't find the requested URLs in Spotify's API documentation, and I asked ChatGPT (or Bing Chat?) - are they correct?

Is it okay to leave "Scope" empty? And what Token Exchange Method should I choose?


Thank you for your help!

4 Replies

Integrating Spotify API endpoints into AI is prohibited by the Spotify Developer Policy.


But then is PlaylistAI illegal, too?

The developer policy prevents to use spotify data to train AI models, not to use the results in an AI chat agent

Someone already got rejected by using ChatGPT in combination with the Spotify API:

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