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Web Playback SDK Set Current Track

Web Playback SDK Set Current Track

Dear Spotify, would it be possible to add a method to the Web Playback SDK / API to locally set the current playback track / state, similar to the Web API "Player/Play" endpoint but to be able to do it locally? I'm developing a Web App that allows people to listen to whatever a "host" is listening to, naturally if there are even a few hundred listeners to a small number of hosts, this will hit the rate limits of the Web API instantly as soon as someone's song ends: therefore it would be very useful to do this "locally" through the Playback SDK.

Many Thanks


p.s. I am aware there is some sort of undocumented Player State API used in the official web player but I naturally don't want to reverse-engineer this, as doing so would most likely break T's and C's etc.

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