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Web Playback SDK, error: "Token does not satisfy scope."

Web Playback SDK, error: "Token does not satisfy scope."

I'm getting the following error when initialising the Web Playback SDK in a browser,  error"Token does not satisfy scope."

However immediately after returning with this Error the SDK(usually) then connects correctly. Although sometimes it is failing to initialise.


Website location is:


The scopes that the application are currently using are: 







My code to initialise the player is here:



async function initialise (_name:string){

     const waitForSpotifyWebPlaybackSDKToLoad = async function () {
        return new Promise(resolve => {

            if (window.Spotify) {                       
            } else {
                window.onSpotifyWebPlaybackSDKReady = () => {                          

    const { Player } = await waitForSpotifyWebPlaybackSDKToLoad().catch((error:any) =>{
    //error handling

    if (Player === undefined) return false

    //this.playerContructor = Player
    const player = new Player({
        name: _name,
        volume: 1.0,
        getOAuthToken: (callback:any) => {
            // This will run every time player.connect()
            // when user's token has expired.
            const token = ServerComs.accessToken //location of access token               

    player.addListener('ready', ({ device_id }:{device_id:string}) => {  
        //code removed, but triggers ready state for the application.

    player.addListener('initialization_error', ({ message }:{message:string}) => {             
        connectFail('Initialization_error: ' + message)

    player.addListener('authentication_error', ({ message }:{message:string}) => {           
        connectFail('Authentication error: ' + message)             
    player.addListener('account_error', ({ message }:{message:string}) => { 
        connectFail('Account error: ' + message)       
    player.addListener('playback_error', ({ message }:{message:string}) => { 
        connectFail('Playback error: ' + message) 
    player.addListener('not_ready', ({ device_id }:{device_id:string}) => {            
        connectFail("Local Player not ready")
    player.addListener('player_state_changed', (state:any) =>{            
    player.connect().then((connected:boolean) => {
        if (connected) {
            console.log("player.connect() success")      
        } else {
            console.log("player.connect() FAILED")      
    }).catch((error:any) =>{
        console.log("player.connect() FAILED with error: " + error)     
    return true




Not sure what I'm doing wrong, any help greatly appreciated.
4 Replies

I see that you aren't using the app-remote-control scope. Maybe that scope is required for your app to work properly.

Edit: I see that scope is only required with the Android and iOS SDK, so there must be something else.

Thanks for the comment Ximzend, I did look at that scope, but came to the same conclusion. I'm not sure what else to do, I'll disable any error messages for now, but if anyone has come across this &/or a fix, I'm all ears! 

When I commented the first time, I had the same problem as you described, but now everything is working fine. Sadly I don't have knowledge about the language your code is in.

One thing I must say is that I like your webapp. I had a similar idea for a long time.

Thanks Ximzend, glad that you like it 🙂

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