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Web Playback SDK not working in Chrome but works in Firefox

Web Playback SDK not working in Chrome but works in Firefox

Hi all, I’ve been using the web playback SDK for a while with no issues. Now I’m not getting any sound on chrome even though the playback and app seems to be working. 

I’ve just tested it on Firefox and it works perfectly. Any ideas what’s causing this? It was working fine a couple of months ago. 

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Hey there! I've been having the exact same issue for the past couple weeks, it must be something that changed recently because I'm pretty sure it was working fine at the beginning of the month. It seems to happen at random times so it's not always easy & consistent to reproduce.
I'm not sure about the browser thing, but it seems like indeed in Firefox & Safari I'm not able to break the audio like it's happening in Chrome; the theory here is that it's something related to autoplaying, where a browser locks the audio until an interaction with the site is made, however since the last couple weeks Chrome is not playing any audio even after a user interaction despite the SDK saying that the song it's being played and giving me updates about the ms positions, etc.

Help would be appreciated, thanks!

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