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[Desktop][Developer] CDN API support HTTP/2

[Desktop][Developer] CDN API support HTTP/2

There was an issue in the WebAPI github repo in the past where HTTP/2 support was mentioned, but the same was never mentioned again.


Is there any way to get feedback or a possible implementation of the issue?

HTTP/2 is considered a standard these days, and improve the performance of the image CDN

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Agreed - HTTP/2 would be great!

This actually also applies to the embeddable widget, and even Spotify's own web player and app that open individual slow http/1.1 connections for each cover artwork that is being fetched. Feels like a no brainer of an optimization, especially as it should be a fairly easy change within the CDN config. In fact, Fastly already supports HTTP/3 and QUIC now.

Any news on this?


It's probably a matter of switching on a config.. with no impact on costs, or business.. that will improve performance & security on the product, as well on any dependants of it.

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