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Web Playback

Web Playback

Is Web Playback usable anymore?

I mean, does/can anyone use it and can it be used by anyone else than Spotify's own in-browser player? There were showcases earlier...I can't find them anymore so I interpret it like the SDK is no longer "friendly" and all is now broken.

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Only Premium subscribers can listen to music with the Web Playback SDK. You can find more about it here:

Please do not reply if you don't know the solution. If you were from Spotify, you would know that I have premium account as well as a registered app. 

Hey @hbi, the Web Playback SDK still should work for Spotify Premium accounts. Have you seen the Web Playback SDK tutorial here? If you get stuck while following it then feel free to ask any questions here 🙂 this link below, the example you have added does not work:

Attaching screenshot. 


My original question includes; there were showcases before. Can't find them anymore.

Any of them still work?




Have Spotify employed US politicians here? You are not replying to question.

Also, I have received an e-mail asking me if I the problem is solved.

Where is a "thumb down" icon when you need one?

App submission were on hold since (before) September 2020, as you can read here. I think a logical step was to not including this outdated showcase in the new layout.

Are you unable to implement the Web Playback SDK, or does the SDK no longer work in an already created project of yours?

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