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WebPlayer SDK API - play song by #ID

WebPlayer SDK API - play song by #ID



I am looking here


Is there a way to play song by #ID on our own site?


Thank you

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There is a description here - of how to use the Web API to trigger playback on your device.  You can get the device ID from the "ready" event listener.

Thank you. I found the way.

I now looking to receive Access Token with PHP

I found good example here

But that access token returned from that API is 2 times shorter and does not work.

Could you help me please?


It returns like in console
GET 403
It is recommended that a robustness level be specified. Not specifying the robustness level could result in unexpected behavior.
POST 400

I'm not so sure exactly what your issue is specifically, but I can tell you that the SO page you linked to allows you to get an Access Token using the Client Credentials OAuth flow.  This token will not be sufficient for use for the Web Playback SDK - you should instead be using the Authorization Code Flow (


Thank you. Here it looks like we manually need to login. We need some automatic way to receive Access token.

Is there any way for that?


You only need the user to authorise access once, after that you can use the provided refresh token to refresh your access token.

Thank you for your reply.

I use this[ClientId]&scope=user-rea...

And it returns me this error
INVALID_CLIENT: Invalid redirect URI

I use correct Client #ID as I am able to get Access Token from previous curl.

I figured out. Now I am looking to get scope for auth. I will keep you posted.

I figured out for now how I can do that. Thank you. I will keep you posted.

Thank you very much for all your help.

I wonder can we display some controls? I am looking here

But may be there is some already made example with track line and some other buttons like volume?


Sorry I am trying to create Spotify player myself. I am in issue where I need to move track line slider.

So I need to trigger event "player_state_changed" every second to update track line position.

Could you help with it please? I can setInterval for every second to trigger it.


I was able to find it. Sorry.

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