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[WebSDK] 500 error on license endpoint after successful device ready.

[WebSDK] 500 error on license endpoint after successful device ready.


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So i'm using the latest castlabs build of electron with widevine to get my web app leveraging the Spotify Web SDK to package up for desktop use. (because I can reliably get it to work outside of Chrome)


The player sets up, the device gets registered, my token is valid and capable of making calls to the wider API but as soon as track starts playing the playback state changes with that state suggesting that the track is done.


Interrogating the console suggests that while the SDK itself is functioning, has passed all the DRM checks etc etc when hitting the endpoint, the API is spitting back a 500 internal server error. 


I'm a little bit frustrated. This SDK has a dirt poor DX and every time I make progress and begin to move forward, i'm struck with another SDK issue or short coming and have to find a work around. 


Now for the business case for taking this (and we, the devs) seriously:


Just like Spotify themselves, devs are always looking to push the industry forward, leveraging the tools at their disposal to create the next big thing. If Spotify continue to put up barriers to adopting their platform, devs will just go to the Apple Music SDK and build the next big thing on top of that instead. Being dev friendly is good for business.


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Hey @RadicalApp, thanks for posting here!


Right now, the Web Playback SDK isn't supported for Electron. All supported web-browsers are listed on:


You might be able to find some tips and tricks for using Electron and the Web Playback SDK here:


The right folks check in on the Developer boards occasionally and your feedback will be passed on to the relevant teams. If you have any other questions, feel free to post a new thread on the Spotify for Developers board.


Thanks, have a good one,


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We're running into a similar issue. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix? We've confirmed Widevine is working in our Electron app in development (we can play Widevine DRM content). We see the Spotify player connect because we get a device id. However, when we start playing we're seeing 500 errors from endpoint. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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