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When to use spotify web playback sdk vs web api

When to use spotify web playback sdk vs web api

Hi, I'm developing a music events listing web app using nextjs, and supabase as backend. I'm trying to add functionality where if a user uses spotify (and they have a premium account) to authenticate with my app, they can stream music directly from the app.


I'm getting a bit confused on whether I should create a custom player using web playback sdk within a react component that renders with each event listing, or whether I should use the spotify web api.


The web playback sdk docs say something like use another client to start playback and then select the broswer as the device. I don't really want to do this, just play directly from the app. Any advice please?


3 Replies

Sadly, Spotify discontinued the ability to stream directly from your Android or iOS app.

Hi, my app is a web app using nextjs. I managed to figure it out, i initialised spotify player in a parent component, passed down the device id in props and then used web api in child component to send a request to play a track using the device id. Works pretty well now!

The App Remote SDK can be used with both Premium and Free users and has the same functionality. Now you are limiting the 'streaming' (that's actually also a remote) functionality only to Spotify Premium subscribers.

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