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Why can't I use the SDK on Android OS.11

Why can't I use the SDK on Android OS.11

I want to use Spotify SDK on Android OS.11, but I get an "" error on the first connect and I can't use it.
I have the Spotify app installed.
I have the same version installed on my Android OS.10, which I have confirmed works.
Please help me, please help me.

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Android 11 requires you to do extra work, to be able to list packages.


the solution is simple, add the following lines to your AndroidManifest.xml:


    <package android:name="" />




I come across the same error, but adding spotify package did not solve the issue.

Here is the error message:


And this is the logic that throws the exception:

final SdkRemoteClientConnector remoteClientConnector = (SdkRemoteClientConnector)Coding.checkNotNull(this.mSdkRemoteClientConnectorFactory.newConnector(context, params, this.mSpotifyLocator.getSpotifyBestPackageName(context)));


I was using the sdk with instant apps, and it cannot communicate with other apps on the device. 

Removing the instant settings of my app resolved the issue.



I'm having the same error, what do you mean with the sdk with instant apps, and how did you solve it?

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