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Wrong duration_ms of track with Automix

Wrong duration_ms of track with Automix

  • When I play the playlist  Shuffle Syndrome (posted bellow) with Automix on and try to get the duration_ms of the first track with the Get Playback State endpoint, I get the wrong (not-shortened/not-mixed) duration back.

Example: The first track is Hooked by NOTION and is originally 206250 ms ≈ 3 Min 26 s long. In the app, the track while playing in that playlist with automix on, is 3 Min 15 s ≈ 195000 ms long. When I use the Get Playback State endpoint, the duration_ms is 206250 instead of 195000.


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Also experiencing this consistency. It makes it hard to determine when a track will end. It would be ideal if the Get Playback State endpoint included a "player_duration_ms" property or something similar so we could know how long the actual track will be.

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