currently-playing returning incorrect progress_ms

currently-playing returning incorrect progress_ms


HI there. I've built a web app using the web api, and I've turned my device on for the first time in months (now that the weather is warmer), and I've noticed I get incorrect results for the progress_ms value from currently-playing. 


Specifically, it stays at 0, unless I pause playback, then it'll remain static at that paused interval until the next song.

Reviewing the currently-playing call via the Spotify developer console gives me the same results.

However when songs are playing through the Windows Spotify App, the currently-playing results are accurate.

Does anyone else see the same thing? Or have I just made a mistake with my code?


thanks! Mark

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I'm seeing the same issue. I've just built a web app with Web Playback, and songs play just fine, but the song position is not being updated on app clients (Mac, iOS, etc.). It's not a big deal since playback in the browser is still working, but it prevents users from controlling said playback from another device.


Seeing the same thing you are describing. currently playing track's progress_ms is only updated when pausing/playing and seeking.
The rest of the time it stays at a fixed value.

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