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iOS Streaming SDK – Is API sunsetting for all 3rd-party clients, or only DJ Apps? [July 1, 2020]

iOS Streaming SDK – Is API sunsetting for all 3rd-party clients, or only DJ Apps? [July 1, 2020]






My Question or Issue


My App Store iOS app has been using the streaming SDK (the official, but now-deprecated, iOS Streaming SDK) since it was released in 2014, to provide users with more advanced equalizer settings than are available in the 1st-party iOS app.  My users have begun expressing concerns to me about whether their experience in my music player will be cut off by the same End-Of-Life date for Spotify integration announced by some DJ app developers (e.g. Djay's Algoriddim) recently—July 1, 2020.


Article from The Verge: "Spotify is revoking support for all third-party DJ apps starting on July 1s... 


I've reached out to @SpotifyPlatform and @SpotifyCares on Twitter for comment, but so far I have not received a response.  I have not received any official email communications from you guys (outside of a usage survey that went out a month ago), and there is not any news on the Developer Announcements page lending credence to or clarifying the July 1 cutoff date.  As a longstanding developer with thousands of users and no history of problems with Spotify, I would expect more than 60 days' notice if there was really going to be a complete termination like this.


@spotifyjosh, can you or another Spotify member help dispel this rumor, or clarify for all streaming app developers whether this date of July 1 affects them and their users?



2 Replies

Hi Spotify Team!


I second this... I think music platforms like Spotify really help listeners enjoy music in new ways through SDK API support. I’m not a DJ. But have been working around the clock during covid-19 and often decompress with with the DJay on iOS. It really allowed us to listen to the music the way we wanted to hear it with several automixing capabilities simply not available in the standalone Spotify App - and your library is simply the best. I think this was a great endearing capability of Spotify. Given that so many are at home now. No live concerts etc. Spotify has been a great service for all to just enjoy all the great content you offer in new and fun ways.


Perhap a deferral of this end-date until July 2021 would be very helpful. Please consider.


Thanks from a Spotify lover!





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