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player/currently-playing endpoint not working in Spotify for windows desktop app

player/currently-playing endpoint not working in Spotify for windows desktop app

I'm using this endpoint to get the currently playing song info. 


Whenever I use my phone the api returns the album/track info in JSON format as specified in the docs and everything works fine;  however the problem is that, when I use my laptop to play spotify on Windows 11 it doesn't return any track data and the response is just blank.
As soon as I start playing something on my phone, or on even the endpoint returns the data as it should.
I've also tested that the header bearer authorization is successful yet it returns no data (blank response) on Spotify desktop for windows. 
Note: When I was developing my Spotify App, I was able to receive the track info from the api endpoint for the spotify desktop app on Windows 11 and the api stopped returning data suddenly.
Any suggestions or help will be appreciated.







Windows 11

4 Replies

I think the same problem here.

I have write a VCL application in Delphi and it has worked fine until a week ago.

I'm running spotify on a windows app and my VCL application reads the current song.
Now, after logging in and requesting the currently played song, I get the error message 204. (No Content).
Now if I start sportify via
Then it works normally.

Anyone have an idea where it goes wrong.

Yes, my problem is exactly the same. Windows Spotify app doesn't return the currently playing song info.

I believe it is related to this issue. Spotify connect has some issues syncing with the desktop client in the latest release. As a consequence, you can not see your currently playing through the endpoint.

The problem seems to be solved of its own since today. I'm getting currently playing song data from the Spotify API while playing on Windows Spotify Player.

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