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storing lyrics from API

storing lyrics from API




Republic of Korea


SamSung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Operating System

Android Oreo


My Question or Issue

Hi! We are learning Programming in SSAFY(, contact: **bleep** ). SSAFY stands for Samsung Software Academy for Youth, so Samsung runs this academy to teach Programming.

We are currently creating a music platform. So, we're going to use your API for educational purpose only. And our music player wants to focus on lyrics. So we need to store lyrics in our database. After the implementation, our service lasts until Nov. 25th. 2022. to show our work to Samsung.

We read Spotify Developer Terms and found this sentence in there: "Except as otherwise set out in these Developer Terms, you may not store, aggregate or create compilations or databases of Spotify Content, other than as strictly necessary to operate your SDA."

So, we wanted to ask whether we could temporarily store lyrics in our database. Our database will be automatically deleted by SSAFY after Nov. 25th. 2022.

Plus, there’s one more question. SSAFY let us deploy our application in appstore too. If we don’t use your API for commercial purpose, is it okay to deploy our app with your API in appstore for one or two weeks? The deployed app will be removed on Nov. 25th. 2022. too. If it is not allowed, we’re not going to deploy our app.

4 Replies

Hi @seulseul, welcome to the community!

The Web API does not include lyrics at the moment. If this is essential for you then it may not be a great fit for your project, unfortunately.

Thank you for your quick reply 🙂 !!!
Then is it possible for us to receive a Web API that includes basic information (title, artist, album cover, etc.)?

Thank you for your quick reply 🙂 !!!
Then is it possible for us to receive a Web API that includes basic information (title, artist, album cover, etc.)?

Thanks for sharing with us.

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